{gallery}party:200:260:1:0{/gallery}Today is just another morning here in Antigua — a brisk morning with where the trees’ green leaves are flourishing after all of the rain the city has received in recent months. The flowers are more colorful than usual and there are clear views of the volcanos that tower over the horizon.

Today is also the day Transitions planned a small party with our patients from our prosthetics and orthotics program, and invited our students from our education and scholarship program. There was something different about today, even after knowing each one of these friends, we were pleasantly surprised to see them happier than before. It was today, at that moment, we could see why we are here with our mission.

These patients and students today shared with us their experiences from their jobs, family and studies. The most surprising is they not only talk about their prosthetics and studies but the normal challenges and joy they experience each day in society here in Guatemala. One thing they received today was the opportunity to share with other friends that possess similar hardships and challenges to see and feel that they are not alone in this world.

I call that “sharing the joy and faith.” And that is when we see our dream of changing the course of these people’s lives for good has been accomplished, we can see that an artificial leg, a wheelchair, an arm or some financial assistance to continue their studies have helped them to continue their lives, and the challenges an individual with no limitations faces everyday.

That’s why today I wanted to share with you this special morning, which has left us a great lesson and motivation, this lesson was to remember that we are important and that we must recognize our effort for this entire year, this year full of many financial challenges but also with more joy to continue our purpose to serve and assist others. You will see many familiar faces and new ones too, and each of these beneficiaries that you support have received the gift of becoming independent to go on with their normal lives in Guatemala.

That is the story from today. That’s it, just one day. A day that further inspired us to continue with our mission.  It was so great to see all these friends, children, mothers, fathers, and above all, very happy families. May God bless you for giving me the opportunity to have days like today.

Alex Galvez

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