Did you know that 10% of all charitable donations are made in the last 3 days of the year?* Will you make a small gift today to help us reach our 10%?
Your gift will provide mobility to a Guatemalan from a poor community like six-year-old Madelin, who lives in Morales near the Caribbean coast. She has had cerebral palsy since birth, and has also battled malnutrition. She lives with her parents and three siblings in a house made of corrugated metal with a dirt floor and no running water. Dad earns about USD 100/month as a farmhand.

Madelin is a happy, lively little girl who keeps busy with her crayons and playing with her siblings. She doesn’t get much chance to leave the house because her parents get tired carrying her. Beaming with pride, they declared that having a wheelchair will make all the difference – now she can go out on errands or outings, so she won’t have to stay at home and miss out on family activities. Best of all, she will be able to go to school!

Remember: When you make a donation, we make a wheelchair. And together, we make a difference.

Thank you!

Alex Gálvez
Executive Director

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