Our wheelchair factory opened in 2016 in San Felipe de Jesus on the outskirts of Antigua Guatemala. The building was designed specifically for a workforce of wheelchair users. Thanks to a grant from the Pro Victimis Foundation, it is well-equipped with modern machinery for welding, bending, and shaping steel and aluminum. Our most recent acquisition is a computer-numeric controlled (CNC) cutter, sponsored by the Mormon Church in Guatemala. As well as manufacturing, we also repair and refurbish wheelchairs; and we provide other mobility devices like walkers and crutches. Each year we provide mobility to more than 300 people with physical disabilities.  

We make high-quality wheelchairs, personalized for each user, based on their size and abilities like the strength of their arms and control of their upper body. We take into account their living conditions: is it a rural area, how much family support do they have, how far will they be travelling in the wheelchair each day? Our objective is to develop the best solution for each user, maximizing function and independence.  Most of the 12 factory crew members have mobility impairments from gunshots, polio, motor vehicle accidents, spina bifida or other conditions. As wheelchair users themselves, they understand the fundamental importance of having the right wheelchair for each user. They also provide individual training on how to make the best use of the wheelchair, how to take care of it, and how to avoid the common health problems that affect wheelchair users.