{gallery}lego:200:260:1:0{/gallery}Jannicke Rogne, who is one of the Norwegian members from Design Without Borders working with Transitions Foundation here in Antigua, decided to make the Wheelchair Workshop a little more fun — with LEGO toys. Of course, there was a serious purpose behind the activity.

“I brought boxes of LEGO from Norway for us to use in our project,” Rogne said. “LEGO can be used for testing ideas which allows for us to easier make mock-ups and test our ideas without building a complete chair.”

However, she also wanted to involve the Guatemalan staff at the workshop.

“We had to come up with a way of letting all the guys have a go as well,” she said.

So, the Design Without Borders team arranged a building LEGO day, with the goal to see how technical they could make things before it got too complicated.

“And yes, we managed to make it way too complicated for even us to manage to do it ourselves … but nevertheless, we had a great time and we hope the guys did too. We will be doing this regularly to see whether we are able to explain the concept of technical drawings by the use of LEGO.”

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