Dear Amigos,

Summer is here and that means we are half way through 2013!

Alex Un 2013
Jesús Martinez from el Salvador, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
and Alex Gálvez

We have had quite a year so far here at Transitions.  In March, Alex and John had the opportunity to attend the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Conference in New York, where the international community came together and made history by voting for the first ever treaty to control the international arms trade.  The implications of the treaty are enormous, and will have a direct impact on communities around the world that experience high rates of gun violence, human rights abuses, and development obstacles that are linked to the unregulated transfer of arms around the world.

Alex went back to New York in early June for the ATT Signing Ceremony, where representatives from around the world signed on behalf of their countries and officially began the ratification process.  We are proud to say that Alex has really been catching the attention of the international community and spreading the word about our work!

Now back in Antigua, Guatemala, Alex and the Transitions staff are hard at work raising funds to provide more mobility devices and educational scholarships than ever before.  Our goal is to expand our services by providing mobility devices for more people in need around Guatemala, and by building social and economic capacity for persons with disabilities through educational scholarships and vocational training opportunities.  Additionally, Transitions is playing an increasingly important role as an advocate for national and international policies that will improve social and economic access to persons with disabilities, an improved public health sector that is capable of providing the necessary services for those in need, and armed violence reduction strategies that will lower the numbers of non-fatal gun shot injuries that lead to permanent disabilities.

Currently, Transitions Foundation is the only organization in Guatemala that provides these services, which is a huge responsibility requiring multiple forms of support. Through generous contributions and donations from our supporters, we have been able to provide our services for nearly two decades.  In order to continue serving our community, we must rely on your generosity.  Any and all donations make a huge impact on our ability to provide services to those in need. Included in this news letter is inspirational stories about 3 of our recent child beneficiaries and a list of programs that are currently in need of funding.  Additionally, we have included a link to a new fundraising platform called, which we are hoping will enhance our reach and build even more support for our work.  We are looking forward to the second-half of 2013 and sincerely thank you for your overwhelming support and generosity.

With Warm Regards,

Alex Galvez (Executive Director) and the staff at Transitions Foundation of Guatemala

Remember that Transitions Foundation is a US registered 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.

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  • Dennis Brewer

    I own a Business where I deal with the needs of handicapped people .. I have a warm feeling for Guatemala and it’s people. I traveled through the first time in 1976 .. again in 1986. I love the country but the true gauge of a country is it’s people and the Guatemalan people are generous, always helpful, honest and friendly. I now live in Marin county, just north of San Francisco and as I say I deal with wheelchairs. Here in the USA there are many wheelchairs that get thrown away. I accept them here at the shop and refurbish them but because medicare buy’s a disabled person a new Wheelchair every 5 years .. there are a lot of very good power wheelchairs arround and most of them go to the dump. I don’t like that so I get the wheelchairs here, fix them up and sell them for the price of the batteries .. yesterday Rebecca Peters stopped by and told me about the needs in Guatemala and I know that the average mechanic could maintain the Chairs with a little training. I would like to propose that somehow I get a container here at the shop and fill it with Wheelchairs and parts. I know that a lot of Guatemalan’s would love to get one of these chairs and I know from experience that they could maintain the chairs. I would also like to propose that I go along with the shipment and Teach wheelchair repair for a couple months .. Let me know how I can be helpful. Thank You .. Dennis Brewer .. Owner, NorthCoast Mobility

  • Gwyneth Bledsoe

    Hi Dennis,
    Your work is commendable. Here at Hands of Hope NW in Nampa, Idaho, we receive wheelchairs and other medical equipment and supplies and distribute them all around the globe in large containers. We have sent many shipments to Transitions in Guatemala. I invite you to check us out at

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