Transitions is managed by a group of highly dedicated Guatemalan leaders in the local and global disability community. Of the organization’s 28 members, over 75{6cb0044778ebb56de3d50f423180e9fa4f1cca44e6c6e3b8b1e87b2dc645a919} are Guatemalans living with disabilities, and are thus able to provide expert advice, rehabilitation, and counseling to the people served.

Management Team
Alex Gálvez – Executive Director
Edwin Tenas – Finance Director
Joel Chiti – Clinic Coordinator
Julio Garcia – Print Shop Coordinator
Lucy Castellanos – Education Coordinator
Efrain Genis – Vocational Training Coordinator
Francisco Quina – Accountant

US Board of Directors

Constance Hargis – President
Alex Gálvez
Edwin Tenas
John Hartman
Maureen Welsh
Rich Nagler
Mike Neher
Bill Bell
Steve Retzloff
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