Andrea Magaly Zacarías Reyes


Andrea’s Care Costs:

Two customized leg braces =    $925
15 physical therapy sessions =  $450
One year of evaluations and leg brace adjustments = $850

TOTAL   $2,225


Andrea was born with severe birth defects, which have affected her both mentally and physically. She was also born with HIV. Her parents abandoned her when she was just 2 months old to a state institution, and because of the facilities’ limited resources, she did not receive any HIV treatment until she was 16 months old. Andrea’s disabilities will always impact her ability to live independently, but fortunately, she met volunteer Luis Guillermo González, currently her guardian, who sought out the help of Transitions. Andrea had spent most of her life being carried, crawling on the floor, or using an adult sized wheelchair. At age 11, for the first time in her life, Andrea was fitted with customized leg braces to correct the position of her legs and feet, and now with her braces and the helping hand of her caregiver or a walker, she has gained mobility. Andrea is also receiving physical therapy at Transitions with a certified physical therapist, and has an at-home therapy plan as well. Andrea has come so far, but she will need ongoing care for her legs and feet, and because of her young age, she will also require new braces as she grows and her needs develop.

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