Mickey at a basketball exhabition.

Brittany has help sampling her birthday cake.

The Transitions team talks with audience members at Rainbow Cafe in Antigua.

The happy couple smiles for a picture after a day at the waterpark.

The whole Transitions crew at the waterpark.

June is a transitional period for the organization as two dedicated staff members return to the United States after a memorable and meaningful stay in Antigua. Brittany Murlas and Mickey Kay worked tirelessly to shape their positions and lay the groundwork for future growth as the Director of Development and Director of Communications, respectively. Despite their departure, their relationship and work with the foundation is far from over.

Brittany Murlas originally joined the organization as a volunteer in September to help wherever needed. She began writing grant proposals in November which quickly led to work with Board Members and consultants to add strategic efficiency. Her position took shape with the creation of a Christmas newsletter and donor database, a time consuming system that greatly improved Transitions’ outreach.

Mickey Kay arrived in Antigua in December to lead a communications initiative, which was only the beginning of his impact on the foundation. He immediately began work on a new website and the design of a monthly e-newsletter. Outside of the work, he organized a weekly English night for Transitions staff and Spanish language students and helped lead the wheelchair basketball team to a Central American title.

Both selflessly dedicated their time and energy to the Transitions mission and left an outstanding influence on their coworkers. Brittany and Mickey ask for only a small donation to the foundation as farewell gift, a true reflection of their character.

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