Transitions Foundation welcomed new development director Donald Buzzingham, 62 years old, to Antigua on Feb. 22.

Buzzingham brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the non-profit organization. For the previous 16 years, he managed both the administrative and programming aspects of a multi-generational informal education program for Iowa State University in Des Moines County, Iowa. Those program areas supported agriculture and natural resources, economic development, youth development, professional development, community development, business and industry and family education.

In that role, Buzzingham was responsible for obtaining external resources. He personally obtained more than $1.2 million in grants and contracts for the small county in Iowa. And as the primary university representative in Des Moines County, he managed, marketed and coordinated the development and execution of Iowa State University extension programming in his geographical area.

“I continuously sought opportunities to extend and enhance program offerings in response to identified client needs,” said Buzzingham.

After a Jan. 2010 retirement, Buzzingham started to get an itch to return to work. But he wanted more than a job – he wanted an opportunity to help those in need, as well.

He realized the perfect place to make a difference is at Transitions Foundation.

“It’s an exciting project with a lot of potential payoff for the participants and the country,” said Buzzingham. “I was also extremely impressed with the support structure of the U.S. board. The passion, enthusiasm, and desire of the board to help the project to succeed is unmatched.”

Buzzingham is no stranger to Guatemala. This is the third trip he has made, along with his wife Linda, to the beautiful country in Central America.

“During February through April in 2010, I was in Guatemala doing fund development consulting on a pro-bono basis with several U.S.-based non-profit organizations,” said Buzzingham. “Both my wife and I enjoyed our time in Guatemala and were excited at the opportunity to relocate and aid Transitions Foundation.”

“I want to do the very best job I can to provide access to the resources necessary to make Transitions succeed in its mission. Especially locating and nurturing new and different funding sources.”

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