Alex Galvez, Executive Director of Transitions Foundation, recently spoke at a United Nations conference on small arms violence in New York City, representing survivors around the world. He used his personal experiences and observations to illustrate that the firearm is not the only factor in the equation.





“Governments focus on guns and tend to forget about the product of their violence,” said Alex, following the week-long session. “It’s my job to remind them that victims can become survivors with their help. The UN is a great way to spread that message.”

Alex is quick to clarify that he and the others at Transitions are no longer victims. They are survivors that work everyday to help others make the transition back to a healthy and productive life. Four additional staff members, making up 25{6cb0044778ebb56de3d50f423180e9fa4f1cca44e6c6e3b8b1e87b2dc645a919} of the organization, have personal experience with the issue and serve as examples for others.

“We understand how people feel after a violent experience,” said Alex. “The physical injury usually heals faster than the emotional and mental effects. People tend to respond with anger, which does nothing to help the situation, but we‘re here to help them overcome that.”

Please take a moment to meet the survivors of gun violence (photo gallery) that found support and way to move forward at Transitions Foundation.

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